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Goodbye, baby! (Mike Naumenko)
Goodbye, baby! Baby, goodbye.
And in parting I'll pour you tea,
I'll call on the phone, I'll order you a car,
And I spend up to the door, and I will give you a coat,
And I will kiss casually,
And I'll whisper, "Goodbye, baby, goodbye!"
Oh, you're so seductive and no boring quite,
But we are tired of each other, we need to rest.
Put lipstick on your lips and outline your eyes,
Just in case, hide in a pocket ace of diamonds.
Live well, don't be bored,
Well, for now – goodbye, baby, goodbye!
We finished smoking cigarettes and drank up all the wine,
And realized that our time was over long ago,
But us it was so wonderful, to us it was well,
Who knows, maybe we'll want again,
So here's my number of the phone – call, don't forget,
Well, for now – goodbye, baby, goodbye!
I sang you all the songs that I knew,
And here I sing the last, about what the ball is over,
About what it's bad to be alone that it's better be two together,
But I'm broke and weak, and I dream about one.
About what? Try to guess.
Oh, you're right! About that, you will say to me "Goodbye, baby, goodbye!"

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