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A song about Kroky, Karma and Godsend (Mike Naumenko)
Kroky was a trader – he was selling the concrete.
One day he rode to Centerville to send a couple of tons.
He harnessed telega, he loaded the goods and didn't forget a store of food and waters...
But here at the city gate Dur-astrologer overtook him.
Dur was dressed in a funny robe, all in sparks and flowers,
And he said: "Friend Kroky, you made a big mistake.
After all you know: Mars – your star, you were born under the sign of Leo,
And your karma does not permit to hit the road – after all today is Wednesday!"
"Is it Wednesday?" – answered Kroky – "This is Wednesday. Yes, well and what?
You – occultist, and I to all of you don't believe not for one penny!"
"Stop, my friend," – begged Dur - "Though you're dumb as a sheep,
Still I'll give you advice: on the road, don't look by the sides".
"Hello!", – answered Kroky and spurred the horses,
After all was in prospect a long way in nine days length.
Here rode Kroky, rode... Already which day
Landscape was bare and simple – fields and shadow from trees,
But suddenly he sees – very strange sign stands in a field.
He walked up and read: "To the right – to everyone there is godsend!"
"Godsend" – thought Kroky, – "It wouldn't have prevented me now!"
And he stepped to the right and in the same moment was gone...
In this song there is a moral and its meaning is simple:
Don't poke your nose in other's godsend, else a nose will disappear.
And if you went somewhere – watch where you go,
And the main – remember: against the karma is no arguing!

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